To be eligible for this program, applicants must be enrolled at University of Florida, University of Arizona, University of Idaho, North Carolina State University, or University of Massachusetts Amherst or must show proof that they have been accepted for admission into one of these 5 universities. Students must also be in their freshman or sophomore year when they apply. Juniors with at least 3 semesters remaining after the current academic year will also be considered. Students must be U.S. Citizens.

Selection Criteria

  • An interest in exploring opportunities to study and pursue careers in conservation fields

  • An interest in engagement in rigorous research experiences in conservation science

  • Intellectual capability to succeed in mathematics and science fields, whether or not presently majoring or minoring in a science or mathematics discipline, as indicated by high school and college GPA and curriculum. Other indicators of accomplishment and capability (individual circumstances that provide a context for these indicators and subsequent progress may weigh as heavily as cumulative accomplishment where appropriate in assessing individual applicants)

  • Demonstrated community service orientation and personal qualities to succeed in conservation fields (including perseverance and resilience, ability to scale barriers, communication skills and other characteristics)

  • Are the first in their family to attend college (socio-economic factors and first-generation status are not requirements for selection to the program, but they increase chances of selection)

  • Regardless of each applicant’s own race or ethnicity, demonstrated commitment to the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Each applicant will be assessed under the same criteria, holistically as an individual and as a member of the Conservation Scholars group, to assemble a group of scholars that will both benefit greatly from and make substantial contributions to the program. Qualified sophomores will be given preference in the selection process but highly qualified freshmen and students with only 3 semesters remaining will also be considered and students can apply to the program in multiple years.